Tooth Whitening

In-Office (1 Hour) or At-Home (2 Weeks) Tooth Whitening

In-Office ZOOM Whitening takes about one hour. A barrier is placed on the gums and surrounding tissues. Whitening gel is placed on the teeth and the ZOOM UV lamp is aimed at the teeth for 3 – 15 minute intervals. You can listen to your i-pod or watch TV while you whiten your teeth. At-Home Tooth Whitening involves two consecutive 10 minute appointments. The first visit involves taking upper and lower impressions of your mouth. On the second visit you receive fabricated bleaching trays along with a "2 week-Discus Dental 22% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Kit". Also included are extra whitening tubes for future touch-ups, and a tooth colour shade guide. Detailed instructions are given to ensure proper use.

Both methods are equally effective resulting in up to 8 shades lighter. Some post sensitivity may occur and post-relief gel is included in every kit.